A change for vsGoliath


Two years ago, Bend the Arc launched vsGoliath as a way to build an online movement of progressive Jews taking action — with American grit and a whole lot of chutzpah.

And it’s been awesome. Thousands of Jews of all ages from all across America have joined with us to build something special together (about 18,000 of you, to be more precise — nice number, right?!).

But here’s the deal. As the vsGoliath community has grown, so has the community of Bend the Arc, our parent organization. And the truth is, we’ve determined that we can better do this work of building a powerful, unabashedly progressive movement of American Jews if we do it as Bend the Arc, instead of splitting our efforts between vsGoliath and Bend the Arc.

So we’re going to retire the brand of vsGoliath and unify this work under Bend the Arc. While there won’t be new actions from vsGoliath, you will continue to be able to take the same kinds of actions and grow the power of our movement with Bend the Arc.

Same work, same staff, same jokes you may (or may not) find funny, just now under one name. Everything we’ve learned and created doing this work with you is sticking with us (even some code from this website!). Seriously, not much will change. Alongside Bend the Arc’s supporters and leaders, like you, we will all continue working everyday to make change across the country.

Continue taking action with us by joining the Bend the Arc family:

Bend the Arc is the only national Jewish organization that is focused solely on promoting progressive values here in the U.S. We have three organizational arms to better achieve our mission:

Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice is our organizing, education and leadership arm. Learn all about how you can get involved by adding your name here.

Bend the Arc Jewish Action is our political advocacy arm, working to change public policy. Sign up to make history with We’ve Seen This Before, our campaign of Jews and allies who are acting together to defeat Donald Trump and his hateful agenda.

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is our electoral arm, working to elect leaders who will fight for the progressive domestic agenda our community has cared deeply about for generations. Join the PAC now to see the full list of our candidates running for the House, Senate, and President.

Thank you!

Thanks for continuing to face down the goliaths of our time with us. And thanks for continuing to hold America to its promise of liberty and justice for all.

If you have any questions you can reach us at info@bendthearc.us.