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When Jews say “never again,” it’s about everyone

Donald Trump, a man who continues to spread fear-mongering and promote violence against others, could be our next President. As Americans, we must do better than this — and as Jews, we must take a visible stand against Trump.

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Pharaoh is back and he has a big announcement to share. 

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Stop the Media’s Special Treatment for Trump

If thousands of American Jews take a courageous stand against Trump’s special privileges, we can force the networks to hold Trump to the same rules as all other candidates.

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Let’s Fix the Voting Rights Act Before It’s Too Late

While America has come a long way since the 1960s, voter discrimination is not a thing of the past. Join the Jewish movement calling on Congress to restore democracy in America.


Tell Google: Don’t Be Evil. It’s Time to #DumpTrump

How can the company so many of us rely on for search, Gmail, Hangouts — almost everything — be sponsoring Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention?! Join us in calling on Google to cancel their sponsorship and divest from hate today.

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Anti-Muslim is Anti-American

Join us now to let the Muslim American community know that we #StandTogether in solidarity against Islamophobia.

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13,000 American Jews Sign 'Registry' Against Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric

When Donald Trump said that if elected President, he would require all Muslim-Americans to register to a national database, we created our own ‘registry’ to fight back.

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Dear Trump: We’ve seen this before. It doesn’t end well.

When we say "never again" we mean it. We’re creating our own registry of American Jews demanding he answer for his hate. Add your name. 


The voting rights they died for are still in peril

Help us honor three civil rights activists who were murdered 52 years ago for believing that every American has the right to vote. Let’s continue the fight by keeping their memory alive.

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Past Actions

DELIVERED: Our Thank-You Card for the #FightFor15

On April 14, 2016, we delivered our thank-you card to the workers leading the Fight For $15 during their big national day of action.

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The President took a stand against hatred. We thanked him for being a mensch.

President Obama went to a mosque for the first time as President to speak out for religious freedom. So we sent him a thank you card to show our support for his call to end Anti-Muslim rhetoric and attacks in America.

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This Chanukah, Take Action for Racial Justice

This Chanukah, we used the light from our menorahs to show our support for #BlackLivesMatter and the fight for racial justice.

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Pop the Manischewitz: This is a BFD!

Sign the card to President Obama thanking him for his action on immigration. We’ll deliver it to the White House before Thanksgiving and share it with every Member of Congress so they know where we stand.

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Caring for those who care for us

On September 17, 2013, after we demanded action, the Obama administration passed minimum wage protections for the millions of home caregivers in our country.

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What would your Bubbe think?

Life. Liberty. Bagels. There are some things we believe in as Americans and Jews. That’s why we urged Eric Cantor to bring immigration reform to a vote and grant 11 million people access to basic freedoms.

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Domestic workers are now getting paid for their time

All domestic workers deserve basic labor protections. On September 26, 2013, they got them. After years of on-the-ground and online organizing by Bend the Arc, California extended labor rights to 200,000 in-home workers.

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